A premier placement for exceptional youth experiencing the foster care system

The Vision for Xavier House Unlimited

Through our mutual care of the education of youth, I want to share with you the vision of Xavier House Unlimited and our approach to meeting the learning needs of youth in the foster care system.

The concept for Xavier House Unlimited came from two decades of watching countless children in the foster care system who demonstrated the same level of precocity that my own gifted identified children did but with no one to advocate for their needs and far too few enriching opportunities. As these youth sat night after night in office cubicles waiting for someone to find them the right home, it became clear that the system needed something different that was specifically designed for these remarkable “too much” children.

Yvette R. Robinson
CEO & Founder

Why We Will Be Different

When a child is placed at Xavier House, their educational needs are assessed and advocated for during the intake process. Activities that support the child’s growth are identified and put into place quickly.

Upon placement, environment instills the child with a sense of belonging and their exceptionalities are understood by the staff working with them. Those that remain until their 18th birthday can transition to the young adult villas, where they will continue to receive support and care needed to be successful in adulthood while pursuing higher education or a skilled trade.

—– Foster Care Facts —–

There are 23,000 children in Florida’s foster care system

21% of these children are over the age of 12

It is not uncommon for a teen to experience 10 to 30 changes in placement

Despite 80% of children in foster care expressing a desire to go to college only 10% attend and only 8% earn a degree

25% of aged out foster youth become incarcerated within 2 years of exiting care and 1 in 4 prison inmates were in foster care

The State of Florida provides FREE college tuition for children aging out of foster care until they are 28 years old